About The Giving Methodist

The Giving Methodist is an initiative spearheaded by The Methodist Church in Singapore and its social concerns arm, Methodist Welfare Services, to galvanise the local Methodist community to show love and kindness. It takes place during the season of Lent, a period of reflection for Christians and of giving that exemplifies Christ. As one Methodist family, let us come together and offer our voice, time and financial help to support the last, lost and least amongst us.

The Giving Methodist hopes to:

Create awareness about the disadvantaged and distressed

Engage Methodists in acts of love in a concerted, united way

Embed Social Concerns in the DNA of every Methodist

About Methodist welfare serviceS

As the social concerns arm of the Methodist Church, Methodist Welfare Services’ (MWS) vision is to partner Methodist churches in enabling the disadvantaged and distressed to have life to the full.

MWS serves those who may experience poverty in different ways — weak social support or fractured relationships, poor health, a sense of hopelessness, or a lack of means. In the last year, MWS provided integrated and holistic care for over 11,000 beneficiaries through 22 centres and programmes that aim to give:

Care to the chronically ill, frail and destitute

Strength to families in distress

Warmth to seniors in the community who are socially isolated

Grace to youth at risk

Hope to childen from disadvantaged backgrounds

Message from the Bishop

Dear Pastors-in-Charge, OSC Chairpersons, LCEC Chairpersons, Lay Leaders,

Every year during Lent, Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) collaborates with The Methodist Church in Singapore for The Giving Methodist (TGM). For 6 years, TGM has aimed to galvanise all Methodists in Singapore to show love and kindness to the distressed and disadvantaged.

Jesus Himself exemplified a life of humble service, especially to the last, lost and least. Mark 10:45 mentioned, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve”

This Lent, we hope to encourage our Methodist community to follow the footsteps of our Master and galvanise fellow believers in doing the same. With the theme Serving in His Footsteps, TGM 2024 calls on Methodists to:

• Give Time: Church members can sign up for a 2-hour training in pastoral care by MWS Chaplains and minister to nursing home residents.

• Give a Donation: Church members can donate to provide financial assistance to those experiencing different forms of poverty. Churches may also choose to dedicate a 2nd offering.

• Give Voice: Church members can share TGM with their social network and encourage them to be involved. Digital materials are available for downloading from the TGM website. Short recorded homilies by Rev Stanley Chua and Rev Philip Abraham and myself will also be available for sharing during church services.

Together as a Methodist family, your church can be part of a critical movement to make an impact on the community in need.

May God’s Love strengthen you as we together seek to Love God by Loving our Neighbours

Bishop Dr Gordon Wong
The Methodist Church in Singapore

Spearheaded by:


Get in Touch with Us!

Email: tgm@mws.sg Tel: +65 6433 3674 | Fax: +65 6478 4701
Address: 70 Barker Rd #05-01 Singapore 309936

Spearheaded by:


Get in Touch with Us!

Email: tgm@mws.sg
Tel: +65 6433 3674 | Fax: +65 6478 4701
Address: 70 Barker Rd #05-01 Singapore 309936