Frequently Asked Questions


The Giving Methodist (TGM) is an initiative to gather and galvanize Methodists to perform acts of love in a concerted and united way. The 3 giving platforms are to Give Time, Give A Donation and Give Voice.

Giving time to organise Eat Share Connect activity can be done during Lent between 22 February to 6 April 2023. Giving a donation will continue from 22 February to 31 December 2023.

Give a Donation

Regular donations are critical to social concerns ministries and MWS, for the operation of centres and programmes that cater to more than 9,000 beneficiaries . Members can choose to give a regular donation of $1 a day or $30 a month.

This year, MWS needs $1.65m to provide 1.1 million meals to sick, frail elderly, the destitute, low income families, disadvantaged children and youths.

Cash donations are eligible for 250% tax deduction.

A one-time financial gift of any amount will help MWS to continue running critical services and programmes for the community in need. Cash donations are eligible for 250% tax deduction.

Give Time

Methodists can volunteer in the following ways:

– Be a friend to families in-need by hosting a meal for them at your home or church, a public space or an MWS centre.
– Sign up to be a befriender and journey with low-income families for a year

To read more about this year’s Give Time activities, visit the Give Time page.

Yes! Individuals and groups are welcome to host Eat Share Connect activities at MWS Centres. To see when our Centres are available, visit the Give Time page.

A guide to hosting your own Eat Share Connect activity is available here.

Your particulars will be forwarded to the respective MWS Centre. Our Centre staff will contact you to arrange further details for your event.

If you would like to cancel or change the date and time of your participation, you may contact the respective Centre staff or email us at Please inform us at least 1 week in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

We do not encourage you to show up for the volunteering activity if you are unwell. Please inform our MWS Centre directly if you are unwell and will not be present for the volunteering activity.

Online registration has to be done by individuals. If you are signing up as a group, please request your group members to sign up individually here. You can also check directly with your church if they are organising an Eat Share Connect activity.

Give Voice

You can download resources like videos, photos or publicity material to share with your social network. Visit us on Instagram @thegivingmethodist to view the photos and videos of The Giving Methodist, then share these highlights by posting it on your own Facebook and Instagram pages, using the hashtags #thegivingmethodist #iamTGM #TGMEatShareConnect