Eat Share Connect

The Giving Methodist 2023: Eat Share Connect

The dining table is a place where people connect, share, celebrate and bless others. It is also a place where brokenness and restoration are experienced. When people share a meal, we relate to one another as equals. There is a sense of unity and acceptance. Walls break down and bonds are formed. 

Be part of Eat Share Connect by hosting a meal for disadvantaged groups. Befriend them to understand their challenges and learn from their resilience and positivity in spite of their circumstances. Consider giving a donation to feed the poor and ensure their food security.

Promoting understanding and learning

Most people may not be aware of the real challenges and issues faced by the low income groups as they could be segregated from one another in their physical living and work environments, as well as in their social network and lifestyles. God has commanded us to love our neighbours and look after the poor. To have a heart for the less fortunate, we need to first get to know them, in order to understand and empathise with them.

Some of the most critical issues the poor face are not just about deprivation. Some of the deeper issues include: 

1. Systemic barriers that perpetuate the poverty trap
2. Being socially excluded due to the lack of resources to participate in social interactions
3. Misperceptions as to why they are poor

“Eat Share Connect” aims to reduce the perception of inequality by using table fellowship to bring people together.

3 Ways to Give

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Organise Eat Share Connect during Lent from 22 February to 6 April 2023 or give to feed the poor from 22 February to 31 Dec 2023.