About Us

Every year, The Giving Methodist aims to galvanise all Methodists for acts of love during Lent. As the pandemic continues to exert a further toll on the disadvantaged and distressed, this year’s theme, “Step Out of The Boat”, encourages the Methodist community to step out in faith to uplift those who need help to ride out this storm.

Bishop Dr Gordon Wong

The Methodist Church in Singapore

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on many who are already facing challenges and struggles, how can we uplift those in need in our community and show them the love and hope of Christ during these difficult times?

“Take courage! It is I, don’t be afraid.” Even in the face of uncertainties, fears and anxieties, God is ever-present. Just as Jesus, in Matthew 14:27, had called out to the disciples to trust in Him, let us take courage and step out in faith to reach out to those in greater distress and need.

Let us not forget that there are still many around us who are struggling to stay afloat in the rough seas. The pandemic and ever-rising cost of living have taken a toll on job security, income, family relationships, mental well-being and health. Many still face unemployment; families undergo greater stress due to reduced income and savings, or increased debts; and more people, including seniors, are at a greater risk of isolation and developing mental issues as the pandemic has greatly disrupted and reduced mobility and physical interactions.

I invite you to participate in The Giving Methodist to show acts of kindness and compassion to people who are in need, as our ongoing response of Loving God by Loving Our Neighbours. You can give your Time by being a volunteer to brighten someone’s day, give a Donation to help the disadvantaged and distressed with financial resources, or lend your Voice on social media to share about The Giving Methodist and encourage your family, friends and church’s small and youth groups to give.

As a Methodist community, let’s remain faithful to what Jesus has called us to do – to love Him by loving and blessing our neighbours, as we Step out of the Boat in faith to reach out to the lost, the least and the needy.