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Regarding The Giving Methodist (TGM)

      1. 1. What is The Giving Methodist (TGM)?

        The Giving Methodist (TGM) is an initiative to gather and galvanize Methodists to perform acts of love in a concerted and united way. The 3 giving platforms are to Give Time, Give A Donation and Give Voice. It begins on the first day of Lent and ends before the Holy Week. In 2019, The Giving Methodist will take place between 6th March and 13th April inclusive.

      2. 2. Why is there a need for The Giving Methodist?

        While the Methodist churches run their own social concerns ministries, the numbers involved constitute the minority of the Church. The Giving Methodist aims to be a catalyst to raise awareness for social concerns ministries, and nurture empathy for the less fortunate. The vision is for social concerns to become part of the DNA of every Methodist.

      3. 3. Who are the organisers of The Giving Methodist?

        The Giving Methodist is fronted by The Methodist Church in Singapore, along with the 3 Methodist Annual Conferences – TRAC, CAC and ETAC, and are supported by Methodist Welfare Services, the social concerns arm of the MCS.


      1. 4. How do I participate in The Giving Methodist?

        Methodists can participate in one or more of the following ways:

        • a. Give Time

          Methodists can choose any activity to participate in from a menu of Community Blessing Projects and volunteering opportunities organised by various churches and MWS centres.

          •  The social concerns activities are carefully selected to make it simple for everyone to participate in, according to their schedules.
          •  To sign-up, go to
        • b. Give A Donation

          Regular donations are critical to social concerns ministries and MWS, for the operation of centres and programmes that cater to over 10,000 beneficiaries . Members can choose to give a regular donation of $1 a day or $30 a month, a one-time donation, or start a fundraising drive for the less fortunate.

        • c. Give Voice

          Help us spread awareness of The Giving Methodist among your friends and family through your daily interactions or through social media. Pray and intercede for the beneficiaries and social concerns ministries of the churches.

      2. 5. Do I have to be a Christian/ Methodist to participate in The Giving Methodist?

        The Giving Methodist is a campaign primarily targeted at Methodists but if you would like to invite friends, colleagues or family members of other faiths, they are warmly welcomed.

    Questions on Giving Time

    1. 6. Can I participate in a volunteering event that is not organised by my church?

      Yes, you may register for any volunteering activity or community blessing event listed on the The Giving Methodist website. Places are limited for each activity so please sign up early.

    2. 7. What happens after I sign up for a “Give Time” event online?

      Your particulars will be forwarded to the event organiser from the respective church/MWS Centre. The organiser will contact you with the participation details.

    3. 8. What happens if I cannot make it for the event after signing up?

      If you would like to cancel or change the date and time of your participation, you may contact the event organiser or email us at Please inform us at least 1 week in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

    4. 9. What happens if I am unwell on the day of the volunteering event?

      We do not encourage you to show up for the volunteering event if you are unwell. Please inform the organiser directly if you are unwell and will not be present for the volunteering event.

    5. 10. Can I make a group registration?

      Online registration has to be done by individuals. If you are signing up as a group, please request your group members to sign up individually at For Methodists, you can also check directly with your church.

Questions on Give A Donation

    1. 11. How do I fundraise for MWS?

      You can set up a fundraising drive at and rally your friends, family, colleagues and church members to donate to your drive.

    2. 12. How can I donate?

      You can donate in the following ways:

Questions on Give Your Voice

    1. 13. How can I share about The Giving Methodist?

      You can download resources like videos, photos or publicity material to share with your social network. Visit us on Instagram @thegivingmethodist to view the photos and videos of The Giving Methodist, then share these highlights by posting it on your own Facebook and Instagram pages, using the hashtags #thegivingmethodist #iamTGM


  1. 14. How will my personal data be used?

    Your personal data will only be used for

    • i.  assessing and deciding on accepting you into this event or programme;
    • ii.  sending you further information about the event or programme; and
    • iii.  disclosing to third parties only if necessary for event organization or execution.

    The PDPA Policy can be found at
    Please read the terms and conditions at

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