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Eat Share Connect

by MWS in celebration of MCS 135th Anniversary
2020 marks the 135th anniversary of The Methodist Church in Singapore. To commemorate the milestone, MWS is organising the Eat Share Connect movement, a communal dining outreach to bless the community.
Eat Share Connect is the theme of this year’s The Giving Methodist campaign.

Using Food to Bring People Together

God has commanded us to love our neighbours and to look after the poor. To have a heart for the less fortunate, we need to first know them, in order to understand and empathise with them.

Eat Share Connect aims to reduce the perception of inequality by using food to bring people together.

  • Research in the US shows that dining together can radically shift people’s perspectives: It reduces people’s perceptions of inequality as diners tend to view those of different races, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds as more equal than they would in other social scenarios.
  • Table Fellowship is a Christian spiritual discipline. There were many instances in the Bible where Jesus connected with ordinary folks, the Gentiles, outcasts, and the poor over a meal.

Start a Culture of Building an Inclusive Community
Take the step to befriend a family trapped in poverty. When we make intentional efforts to understand their circumstances, it shows that we genuinely care, and also respect their needs and challenges.

Empower Families In Need to Eat Healthily More Easily
Low-income families are often misunderstood as being ignorant of the importance of a healthy diet. The truth is they lack the time and finances to eat healthily. Support them by showing them how easy it is to prepare quick healthy meals on a low budget.

Raise $1.35m to Reduce Anxiety of Low-Income Families about their Finances
Research has shown that debt reduces cognitive functioning and adversely affect the ability of the poor to make good decisions. Funds raised will be used to bless families struggling with costs of daily living. This financial assistance will be given out in 4 tranches over one year.


Learn more about how MWS serves the disadvantaged and the distressed in the community.


Eat Share Connect provides a platform for Methodists to connect with low-income families over a meal around a dining table – a place to connect, celebrate and bless others; where brokenness is shared and harmony restored.

You can help:

  • 1. Befriend families in-need yourself or through your church
  • 2. Host a meal for them at your home, in your church with other members, or at an MWS centre
  • 3. Prepare meals based on healthy and easy recipes found in “Simply Good – Healthy Family Meals” recipe book
  • 4. Donate towards the $1.35m financial assistance target
“Simply Good – Healthy Family Meals” Recipe Book

  • Organisers are encouraged to use the recipes from this book
  • Available for a minimum donation of $10 per copy
  • Comes in either English, Mandarin, Malay, or Tamil
  • Keep the recipe book for your own use or donate it back to bless a low-income family
  • Available through MWS or Methodist churches

The recipe book is produced by General Conference of Women’s Society of Christian Service (GC WSCS) especially for MCS135.


It only takes 2 hours, and a lot of love!

  • 30 min – Befriender demonstrates a recipe from “Simply Good – Healthy Family Meals” recipe book
  • 30 min – Prepare ingredients and cook the dish together with the families
  • 1 hour – Eat, Share and Connect!


See the Step-by-Step Guide for more details.

Step by Step Guide

  • Your home
  • Your church or spaces belonging to your church
  • MWS centre
  • Public venue (e.g. community club, common areas at HDB blocks) *

*Please make the necessary bookings.


Identify the low-income families you wish to invite. Use this invitation card to reach out to the community.

Here are a few ideas on who you can invite:

  • Arm yourself with a few conversation starters.
  • Go door to door at rental blocks or 2-3 room flats in your neighbourhood to invite people.
  • Invite disadvantaged families known to you or your church. They can be church members, neighbours, friends, or colleagues.


*Skip Step 2 if you are organising Eat Share Connect at an MWS centre.


Recruit befrienders from your church. The suggested ratio is 1 Befriender to 3 Beneficiaries.

You may also demonstrate and talk through a recipe from the “Simply Good – Healthy Family Meals” recipe book.

It is recommended that the demonstrator and befrienders go through a 1-day Hygiene and F&B Safety course.

Please obtain the promotional materials from MWS.


While collating responses from befrienders and the families you have invited, begin to identify sponsors to cover the cost of food and goodie bags (optional).

Ideas for Goodie Bag

  • drink sachets
  • cereal
  • biscuits
  • any other healthy, dry food

The “Simply Good – Healthy Family Meals” recipe book can be obtained for a minimum donation of $10 per copy, and given to the beneficiary.

All proceeds will be channelled to bless 1,000 families in need.


Please note that the cost of food will be borne by you or the church as the organiser.


The demonstration of recipes from the “Simply Good – Healthy Family Meals” recipe book is for presentation and tasting only.

Actual meals for a group more than 30 persons must be provided by certified caterers.

  • Remember to engage a certified Halal caterer when catering for our Muslim friends. See Appendix A for a list of caterers for consideration.


Please refer to Appendix B for some guidelines and simple communications tips to ensure a meaningful and pleasant experience for the befriender and families you are hosting.


The proposed setup is in Appendix C.

Please note that all ingredients, induction cooktops, cooking utensils and cutlery are to be provided by the organiser for all sessions (including sessions hosted at MWS centres).


On the day of the meal, do ensure that you:

  • Put on the apron that has been designed especially for the befrienders.
  • Display this Media Consent Notice at several prominent locations at your venue.


Share your experiences and photos by tagging #thegivingmethodist #eatshareconnect2020 to encourage others to join the movement.

Share your photos, videos and testimonies with us at! Do note that your sharing may be used for MWS’ publicity and communications.