Every year, The Giving Methodist aims to galvanise all Methodists for acts of love during Lent. Against the backdrop of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year we encourage every Methodist to Persevere in Doing Good.

Bishop Dr Gordon Wong

The Methodist Church in Singapore

“Love God by Loving our Neighbour”. This is the essence of Matthew 22:37–39, in which Jesus commands us to love God with all that we have and to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. What does it look like to love our neighbour as ourselves?

With our love from, and for, God, we are inspired to love our neighbours, regardless of race, language or religion. With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic wearing on, we may start forgetting that there are still many, many people suffering and in real need of help. Many have lost jobs, while others have faced steep drops in their earnings. Families have been destabilised even as the larger economy struggles through these challenging times.

This Persevere in Doing Good campaign is an invitation to open our eyes and hearts to many different ways in which we can love a neighbour who is in need. Even when times are difficult, let us Persevere in Doing Good. Can you give a couple of hours to providing companionship as a befriender? Can you give a donation to help the disadvantaged and distressed? Will you lend your voice to raise awareness that we each can do something good for someone in need.

As a Methodist community, let us press on to be a blessing to someone in need. Let’s Persevere in Doing Good, and Love God by Loving Our Neighbour.