Biblical Basis of Table Fellowship

As we reconnect with friends and family, let’s not forget to reach out and bless the disadvantaged, isolated and distressed who have been and continue to be severely impacted by the pandemic. 

Eat Share Connect is a communal outreach centred around table fellowship. Table fellowship was also Jesus’ way of connecting with the marginalised. He went against the traditions of His time by eating, sharing and connecting with the ostracised and outcasts as well as with ordinary folks. He unconditionally accepted all, tearing down social boundaries and relating to them as equals. 

As a Methodist family, Eat Share Connect to build a more inclusive community for the poor and disadvantaged.

Eat Share Connect: Be Involved!

Eat Share Connect provides a platform for the Methodists to connect with low income families or the socially isolated over a meal around a dining table – a place to gather, celebrate, connect, bless as well as to share our troubles and brokenness. 

This LENT, be a friend to those in need by hosting a meal for them at your home, church, community or an MWS centre. You can also give or raise funds to feed the poor and disadvantaged served through MWS centres. Finally, create awareness of ESC in your social media network or within your cell groups.

3 Ways to Give

Give Time

Be a Host or Volunteer of Eat Share Connect.

– Individual church members can open their homes to low income families and connect with them over a meal ‒The church can organise Eat Share Connect within their premises, at participating MWS centres or in public venues like community clubs in the heartlands

Give A Donation

Donate or raise funds to feed people in need. We hope to raise $1.65 million to provide 1.1 million meals for the elderly frail and sick in MWS nursing and destitute homes as well as disadvantaged children and youths.

Give Voice

Spread the word within your social network and encourage others to give time, donations or their voice.