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Help families struggling with costs of everyday living.
The COVID-19 situation that we are currently in has resulted in extreme anxiety in the community. For the disadvantaged and vulnerable, the anxiety they feel is even greater. Distressed and low-income families may be facing more hardship when they earn less during this time or when they lose their livelihoods. Having little to no savings will likely cause them to experience more stress and go into debt.

Many of them rely on part-time and multiple jobs to make ends meet. However, they struggle between heeding advisories to stay home and having jobs that cannot be done remotely. These families are now forced to choose between bringing food to the table and keeping themselves and their families safe.

Methodist Welfare Services aims to raise $1.35m to provide financial assistance to 1,000 low-income families for one year.

These funds will support them in meeting their basic needs, and having the resources to better prepare for and handle the direct impact brought about by COVID-19 on their lives.

Let's stand together with the struggling families in our community!

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